Westford Knight Research Update

In an effort to gain any kind of consistency with this blog, I will now do weekly updates on my research into the history of the Westford Knight!

This being the first research update:

The majority of the the materials on the Knight at the Westford Museum have been looked through. There are some other major publications that are found elsewhere like the local Fletcher Library, which has a whole section on the Knight. Even though they are not fully aware of it, the Mass Archaeological Society did publish an article in their bulletin before the 50s as the “Indian Rock” and I intend to obtain that article.

The next phase, which may partially overlap with the first, is interviews with archaeologists, locals, and others associated with the Knight

There appear to have been archaeological studies on the Knight Outcropping: one by a Collections Manager at the Harvard Peabody Museum, while another by an as yet unknown researcher. A candidate for the latter was a professor of English Literature, who worked at UMass Lowell and had an interest interest in Pre-Colombian contact. He was not a popular figure amongst archaeologists. One recently described him as “Bad news all the way around.” It should be noted that there have been no archaeological studies registered with the MA State archaeologist relating directly with the Knight.

The overall timeline of publications is almost as complete as it could be. It is unlikely that I will include every news article on the subject, due to the sheer number and redundancy of the articles.


Volunteer researcher for the Westford Museum

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